Peter J. Simmons

Home-Business Expert  


Peter Simmons is a STEM teacher and film-maker. He teaches classes and workshops in New England. Click on the menu "Teaching STEM" for complete information.

As an educator and artist, Mr. Simmons builds multiple income streams which allows him to pursue his passion for teaching children and creating art. He is building small business opportunities to help others create a new plan B income stream too. 

Most people are looking for more freedom in their life – freedom from a job, freedom from their boss, freedom to stay home with their kids, freedom to travel in style. The American dream is not to spend your life working for someone else and help them accomplish their dreams. The American dream is freedom and prosperity– financial freedom and time-freedom, with time and the resources to do the things you really want to do in life with the ones you love.

A home business can provide the answer and it's simpler than you think. Peter has trained hundreds of people in more than eighteen countries how to expand their network work from home and build a great business. There are many options available for a home-business. Promoting your home-business is now easier than ever. The industry has new phone apps that make sharing information simple and easy for anyone. Social media gives you connections and new possibilities. Through a home-business you get to be your own boss with no commute, no employees, no overhead from running a brick and mortar business and very low operating expenses. 

Peter can show you the way. He has systems and team partners standing by to help you every step of the way, and at no charge to you. He offers eBooks, video training and tools. Let's get going. Step one, send for his free eBook, "How to choose the right home-business and how to promote it. A step by step guide."

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